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What benefits can you expect?

Our consultants help address your most challenging issues by providing strategic, financial, operational and IT solutions.

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Cost Saving

Eliminate monthly licensing fees, subscription costs, and staff expenses. We give you the software for free - only pay for value-added services.


Software Integration

Integrate your diverse range of business applications to facilitate seamless data sharing and complete visibility across your entire organisation.


Keep Control

Customise your free business applications to what you need them to be - with the help of our staff. Eliminate any reliance on external vendors.


More Flexibility

We’re available 24x7 to fix any technical issues you may run into and for any kind of consultancy and training support you need.

Excellent software for every business requirement

ERP & Business Intelligence

Powerful software that enables the integration of business processes from different functions. It encompasses Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting & Finance, Project Management Software, and more.

Each ERP integration is unique,

Our skilled and experienced specialists make it simple, cheap and easy for you.

Can an ERP can enable any business to achieve its goals?

Business of any size Any industry At any growing stage

Accounting & Finance

It is all about money, business and management. It enables you to have an accurate view and to analyse the performance of your business to make a decision.

Perfect Accounting & Finance software in just a few clicks

We make it work for your business and your stakeholders.

CRM & Marketing

Maintain a unique relationship with each customer, increase sales and improve your team collaboration with the CRM software we build for you.

Generate more leads, manage pipelines and increase conversion rates.

Leverage a laser focus on each phase of your sales pipeline.

Professional Email & Collaboration

Many customers trust you more when you use an email that matches your business name (yourname@yourcompany.com).

All collaboration features included.

Our skilled and experienced specialists make it simple, cheap and easy for you.

Productivity and Creativity

Ensure that team productivity and creativity are at their best through the use of dedicated and integrated software that unlocks their potential.

Manage projects and tasks in a way that drives value to your teams.

Check out the FREE productivity software in our catalogue.

Software Development

Through the power of DevOps and our gamut of tools, automate your software development lifecycle and increase the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

Amazing tools for each stage of your software development lifecycle.

Check out the FREE productivity software in our catalogue.

Domain, Web service & Security

Whatever your industry is, the online reputation of your business counts. It starts with a professional domain name, email and/or website.

Your customers are looking for you online! They won't buy from you if they don't know.

Don’t let yourself get beaten by your competitors.

Content Management

Create and manage content with the support of cutting-edge software tools. All in a few clicks.

Increase collaboration in the workplace without compromising secure access

Choose your tools from our full gamut of free software applications.

How it works


Find apps

Choose from our almost unlimited treasure trove of free software applications. Meet all your business needs!


Select features

You’re free to pick-and-choose which features and functionalities you want to incorporate into your systems and IT applications.


Launch apps

Launch your customised business solutions in a few, easy steps. We provide you with everything you need.


Minimise complications

Don’t let technical IT issues weigh you down. We provide you with complete instructions and 24x7 support.

Our Customers

We've provided custom server solutions to countless clients, helping them operate with the utmost
efficiency, functionality, and security.


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