The wide range of features of our solution allows you to choose the format of your meeting at your convenience. In audio as well as in video, you will benefit from impeccable sound and/or image quality

Screen sharing

With one click, initiate or join a meeting. Make your exchanges more practical and constructive so that everyone is up to date with a presentation or screen sharing with captivating ease.

Record a meeting

If you don't want to leave anything to chance or miss out on important information, adopt this function and relive your exchanges more calmly whenever you want.


Gather who, when and where you want.

No matter where you work (office, home, park, car...) Schedule or join meetings from your connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Anyone invited by the link can join the meeting. It's simple and secure. Don't take into account the number of participants, we offer you unlimited seats.


All integrated collaboration tools

Always get the best out of your teams, even from a distance. With features such as screen sharing, document sharing, instant chats (direct chats between two or group chats between several people) ... your teams collaborate continuously and transparently wherever they are thanks to any device connected to the Internet.


Sharing without stress, you're safe.

Your communication space (audio, video, chat and document sharing) is designed like a safe where highly secure encryption allows you to exchange without fear of information leakage or access by an uninvited person. You are in your own space, at the same time common with your collaborators, but personalized and secured for you alone.