A user-friendly interface

Easy to use

A complete solution with a user-friendly interface and always focused on ease of use with simple functionalities. In just a few clicks, you can access product stocks, draw up an invoice or draw up a sales journal.


Choose the language of your choice

Your employees will hardly have language barriers when using the solution because the tool can integrate the language in which they feel most comfortable. More than one language already integrated to give you more chances in the facilitation of use.

Flexible and customizable

Tailor-made for your needs

You are free to customize your solution as you wish by integrating a large number of specific functionalities or other complementary applications to meet your expectations, to adapt to the measurements of your needs - the possibilities are endless !


Adapts to the requirements of any size

Whether you are just a retailer, the owner of a single commercial space or a company with several sites, several branches or even a multinational with a large customer staff and a fairly representative customer portfolio, thanks to its flexibility and extensibility, our solution adapts to any type of activity, business and organization.


Robust, safe and private

The protection and security of data is ensured by the continuous updating of redundancy and backup mechanisms allowing the control and security of the said data. Your space thus becomes a real safe to prevent unauthorized access, data loss and misuse. You have total control over your solution, your space, which is deployed on a private server, remains private to you.


Work anywhere, anytime, on all media with or without internet

Any connected device is suitable for daily sales, invoicing or management supervision. The solution is compatible with any device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone). No matter where you are (office, house, park, car...)

With possibilities to continue your work peacefully in the event of an interruption of the internet connection !