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At ACESY, we put partners first!

We understand that your business is as unique as you are. That is why we've developed a partnership programme that makes it easy for you to do business with us.

Why Become a Partner ?


Bring your customers valuable software and productivity management tools.


Increase your client base by providing versatile products/services they can trust.


Acesy Partner Portal with on-demand sales, marketing and training resources

What's so special about ACESY ?

We're working with partners to give clients software freedom that works, to take back control of their data forever!

Choose the partnership that works well for you.

Refer a lead to us, if it closes, we give you a commission.

You do not need sales skills or product knowledge to sell.

All you need is to register the opportunity with us or to recommend us to the customer.

join us in going to market.

  • Profitable sales model with a predictable and fast sales cycle,
  • Access to free trials & demos.
  • Acesy Partner Portal with on-demand training, sales and marketing resources.

ACESY software solutions deliver a seamless, integrated business experience for your customers with robust capabilities and out of the box integration. As an ACESY Technology Alliance Partner, you gain:

  • Share in a rapidly growing market for seamless technology solutions
  • Software expertise and technical resources as needed
  • Access to our ACESY Partner Portal providing technical, training, sales and marketing resources.

The managed service partnership is a great way to work with ACESY for IT Consultants that are seen as a trusted specialist by the customer and not in a position to build a secure and scalable platform to host client’s software. The managed service partner can choose their level of involvement but ideally, they work prospects throughout the sales cycle up until deal closure and they are responsible to deliver the service backed up by our amazing team and platform.

ACESY is expanding our global distribution network with partners to address the business problems for customers seeking for an all in one solution that meets individual business requirements.

What are we doing this ?

Ultimately, our goal is to understand partner and client needs, intuitively, and provide you with precisely what you need.


We're providing valuable software and services to increase productivity and reduce the IT expenses of businesses around the world - without compromising the innovation and quality of these systems.


ACESY offers solutions that address business challenges in all area and industry. Everything is covered from the digitisation of accounting and finance functions to the improvement of the productivity and creativity of teams or the automation of the recruitment process.


Our cloud computing services, which include hosting public, private or hybrid cloud environments, fulfil data storage and computing requirements, efficiently and affordably with round-the-clock IT and sales support, as well as customisable cloud environments for your business needs.

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