The ACESY partnership programme

ACESY aims at delivering high quality and secure solutions and services to our customers in the market place. We enable cost savings, flexibilities and meaningful IT solutions to the market place.


VAP Value created partner

If you possess the expertise that may benefit our customer or want to join our large Consultant ecosystem



For affiliate, reseller, co-branding. Do you want to spread the value of these products to your lovely customers.


Software Publisher

Do you have an incredible software that may be of great value to our customer?This is yours

Deliver more

values to customer


with ACESY Platform

Unleash the growth

of your business.

Just like any business, each cloud

Referral Partners (RP)– Bring our products to your customer.

- Create multi-tier income while bringing more clients on board.

- Cash in on the opportunity to create promotional codes and attract your target groups.

- ACESY team offers full support to help you become more successful.

- Make profits by exploring the ability to visualise the generated code and access to clients' status.

Software Development Partner (SDP) – For software publishers.

- Bring your software to our incredible data base of clients,

- Accelerate innovation and help customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

Professional Resellers (PR)– for IT professional and experts

- Promote your brand, logo and colours while ACESY backs you up with result-driven IT solutions.

- Have full decision-making control over your clients' satisfaction with direct communication.

- ACESY platform ensures superb security and problem-solving consultation for more specific requests.

- Multiply your client base, reputation and profit utilising our customisable applications and storage capacity

Co-Branding Partner (CBP) – For product and service suppliers

- Bring extra market value to your services by integrating our IT solutions.

- Enhance your company growth and daily productivity by aligning our software with your business operations.

- Increase your client base by providing versatile products/services they can trust.

- Significantly reduce costs with our round-the-clock protection and flexible storage capacity for your data.

How to apply to this program?

Step 1

Create an account on our website here

Step 2

Fill in the partnership form here

Step 3

One off our patner manager will contact you for more details about our collaboration

Our Customers

We've provided custom server solutions to countless clients, helping them operate with the utmost
efficiency, functionality, and security.