The teacher and learners have a choice of course format depending on the objectives of the course.

Screen sharing

It is a feature that allows teachers to go deep into sensitive and complex explanations

Record a session

Gives students the opportunity to relive sessions that have failed to assimilate for effective understanding.

A user-friendly interface

Easy to use

A complete solution with a user-friendly interface and always geared towards ease with simple functionalities such as 'drag and drop'. You can launch or join a course in a few clicks.


Easier collaboration

In addition to an audio and/or vision conference, you need to communicate by messages (direct or group) and share lessons in a fluid manner.

Flexible and customizable

Tailor-made for your needs

You are free to customize your solution as you wish by integrating a large number of specific functionalities or other complementary applications to perfect your expectations, to adapt to the measurements of your needs - the possibilities are endless!


Adapts to the requirements of any size

Whether you are just a few learners, a single class or an entire establishment, a multitude of classes or even an organization with thousands, millions of learners, thanks to its flexibility and scalability, our solution adapts to all types of schools, establishments, companies and organizations...


Robust, secure and private

Data protection and security is ensured by the continuous updating of the mechanisms for the control and security of such data. Your space thus becomes a real safe to prevent unauthorized access, data loss and misuse. You have full control over your solution, your space deployed on a private server, remains private.


Learn anywhere, anytime, in any medium via the internet

Any connected device is suitable to follow or deliver your course, the solution is compatible with any device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone). No matter where you are (office, home, park, car...) The number of classes, learning accounts ... are unlimited, you can use them as you need them!

Continuous messaging

All integrated collaboration tools

The messaging system allows students and teachers to exchange by group or private messages. Exchanges of tests, courses ... Beyond the voice and images that build the courses, the speakers can also exchange by messages.